Assess your risk in less than 1 minute.
Press <tab> to move from field to field. If you do not know your cholesterol and/or your blood pressure values, CLICK on the appropriate question mark(s) for questions 4 and 6.
Do you have cardiovascular disease (including stroke, angina, heart attack, or coronary bypass surgery)?  Yes  No
Sex  Male  Female
Total Cholesterol  mmol/L I do not know my cholesterol values
HDL Cholesterol  mmol/L
Systolic Blood Pressure  mmHg I do not know my blood pressure values
Diastolic Blood Pressure  mmHg
Do you take medication for your blood pressure?    Yes  No
Do you have diabetes?  Yes  No
Do you currently smoke one or more cigarettes daily?  Yes  No
Weight  kg  [ or ]   lb
Height  cm  [ or ]   ft + in

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