The Canadian Cardiac Rehabilitation Foundation supports community cardiac rehabilitation programs across Canada and organizations that investigate better methods of rehabilitation and secondary prevention of heart disease.

Daily tips on nutrition and information on nutrition trends. You can download facts sheets and read position papers that go into greater depth on various related topics.

Consumer-friendly nutrition information with many interactive feautures.

Over 1600 pages of information relevant to both the public and health care professionals.

Independent educational site that provides information on heart disease including reports on new drugs and clinical trials.

Support organization for heart patients, families, and care givers.

A great site that answers the common questions indiviuduals have after a cardiac event.

Great variety of information on nutrition for both the patient and the professional.

You can check your overall diet quality in the "Interactive Health Eating Index". There are also 2000 Dietary Guidelines.

Nutritional information for the general public and health care professionals. Check out the "eat well, live well" section. Many interactive features.

This site provides terrific patient information on cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease

Fat free, low vegetarian recipes, as well as information on healthy, very low fat diets.

Non profit organization that maintains a large library of information on all stress related topics

For health professionals and gives information about the association.

Good nutrition information and consumer-friendly. Many reference articles divided by category. You may send your questions to the Mayo Dietician.

Information on food-composition data, research briefs, educational materials.

This site maintains a larger food database than the USDA, includes information on fast foods and food additives, and provides useful tools for analyzing your diet.
The quickest way to find out what's good and bad about the foods you eat.

The information, inspiration and motivation you’ve been searching for are finally at your fingertips.